Irrigation Products & Services in Falmouth, Virginia

Our company in Falmouth, Virginia, helps you maintain a beautiful lawn with irrigation products and services. We even provide 24-hour emergency services.

Annual Backflow Testing

In many counties throughout Virginia, it is a mandatory requirement to have the backflow preventer inspected annually. The backflow preventer device is installed to ensure that the water used throughout your system is not backwashed into the water you drink. We are fully certified to perform these inspections.

Service & Maintenance Calls

You can also call us for dependable maintenance for all irrigation system makes and models. From new installations to existing equipment, we are here to keep your irrigation system running for years to come.
Irrigation of vegetables - Rick Carney Irrigation in Fredericksburg, VA

Residential Installations

When you call Rick Carney Irrigation for a new installation, we will design an irrigation plan to fit your watering needs. During installation, we will keep lawn damage to a minimum. Please note that when an irrigation system is installed, the lawn goes into an initial shock and usually takes 2-3 weeks to get back to normal.

Commercial Installations

You will receive the same type of customized service for your commercial irrigation requests. Send a bid invitation to us and our estimator will meet all of your bidding requirements.

Winterization & Turn-On Services

Winterization is a vital part of keeping your irrigation system up to par and preventing freeze damage. It is extremely important to perform this service by the first freeze of the season or by early December. We also offer full spring turn-on services.
Off-Season Discounts—We offer off-season discounts during the winter months.
Snow Removal—Don't be stuck in the snow this winter! We are now offering commercial and residential snow removal services.
Contact us to request a quote on residential or commercial irrigation work.